11 4h meets
19 biscuits fundraiser
19 tall pines show
25 4H meets
30 trunk of treats
31 halloween
1-3 WCAHA show
8 4H MEETS 6pm
22 4H meets
28 thanksgiving day
13 4H Meets 6pm
no other 4h meeting in dec
Summer Camp


             LIVE OAK FARM 4H CLUB                                        interest are farm, horses and chickens

I want to welcome all who are intested in 4H. Our club is geared towards kids who love farm life. Horse and chickens seam to be a favorite in our club. We meet twice a month on fridays at 6pm for about an hour. ages 5 to 17 are welcome. We have activities at each meeting. there are Dues $20 for the year and  each project may or may not cost extra.
Septembers meeting 2013 we talked aBOUT SEED art for the orangburg fair and made seed art entries. I took them to the fair on Sept 28th and also entered allisons quilt. we had 7 seed art entries and 1 quilt entry! good luck kids , Olivia and Thomas Sumner seed art, Allison Infinger Seed art and Quilt, Abby Murduogh seed art, Allen Butler Seed Art, Hope and Emmie Crosby Seed art.
OCTOBER meeting we will host a membership drive and look forward to trunk of treats october 30th 6-9 and the fundraiser for buiscut,October 19th, his mother was killed in a car crash.
MArch month of presentations
April finish up with presentations and a speaker
May get ready for summer, camps and college
June - August is our Summer 4H club additional dues are required $10
September membership drive $20 Dues again.
we will resume regular schedule thru school year 2013- 2014
4H Calendar
FRIDAY Sept 14 meeting at 6pm
            seed art project due sept 17th  click link below for form and more info
            talk about what project books we want
            get membership forms filled out and turned in look on home page on the 4H side for link
            discuss fair projects set deadlines (orangeburg fair, State Fair, Coastal Carolina Fair)
            head count on state fair Tickets yes we can go for free OCt 20th
            Clemson 4H gameday at death valley click link below for form
           Creative contest Entry forms and discussion due Oct 1st
Friday Sept. 28 meeting at 6pm
            Cloverbuds Craft Project for state fair
            junior Senior art, or photo project for state fair. 
            Deadline for 4H game Day at Death Valley
            Deadline for creative contest essays and other entry forms.
          Oct. 6th orangeburg county fair chicken poultry show
          Friday oct 12 meeting 6pm 
                  address any project questions and finish them up.
         Oct 10-21 State Fair (this is where your creative projects will be on display)
         SATURDAY Oct 20 4H FREE DAY at the State fair
         Oct 28 Coastal carolina Fair Poultry Show
         Oct 31 Trunk O treats at the farm
 end of school year 2012
Members in good standing
Lexi Avant
Sarah Tobin
Sarah Waring
Tyler Linz
Kirstin Linz
bailee Stanley
Tucker Stanley
Britton Phillips
Riley Phillips
Allen Butler
Allison Ingfinger
Kendra Crosby
Lee Chewning
Lauren Chewning
Brittany Brownlee
Thomas Sumner
Olivia Sumner
Check out the 4H calendar on the home page
2012 meeting minutes 
March 3
Can a bear live in our woods? A project to see how the resources we had supported the bears we had!
Juniors did a lesson horse workbook
Suzanne read the calendar of future events
Members are
Taylor T paid dues
Carson Bailee S Paid Dues
Tucker S Paid dues
Lexi A Paid Dues
Sarah T Paid Dues
Sarah W Paid Dues
Jennings C Paid Dues
Lee C Paid Dues
Lauren C PAid Dues
KendrA C Owe Dues
Ally W Missed to many meetings and Owes Dues
CArlie T Paid Dues
Caelan T Paid Dues
Jessica H Paid Dues
Cassidy Paid Dues
2011 Meetings will be 2 times a month  the 2nd and 4th friday of each month starting in Feb and ending in May.
I have purchased new materials, a wonderful and fun workbook on horses. Pens pencils memebrship year pins. membership signs for your "farm". awards for meetings like stickers and stampers. plus there us still money left over to purchase year end achiementawards.   Our "year end" will be the beginning of Summer!
2011 fiorst meeting will be FEB 11th at 5:30pm if it is cold we will meet at Mrs Suzanne's house.
Next meeting October 1 please bring your dues $20 for the year and find your record books  and update them.
Sept 2010
   meeting started at 6pm and ended at 7pm
   elected Jr. officers
Sarah W- President, Jenning C -vice Pres., Lauren C - Sec. , Jessica - treasure
Assigned presentations
    Color of the horses -Jennings, Spelling- Cassidy, Saddel pads- Jessica
Went ove the 4H calendar remember the first week in Oct is 4H awarness. Read the August agenda, read over the 4h healthy life style callenge.
Jan 16th 2010  meeting
ELECTIONS    2010 PRESIDENT Kendra Crosby
                              Vice Pres  Ally Wilson
                              Secretary Lexi Avant
                              Treasurer  Sarah Tobin
Elected officers will all attend the leader symposium on Jan 30th in Columbia, SC  
New news...
we will start a shooting team
( airguns, .22's skeetshoot, bow and arrow)
 the first range day is Feb. 6th in Garnett, SC .
We also have a small animal/ livestock team..
.first meeting is in Lodge, SC Jan 23rd.
To join call or email Suzanne Butler 843-909-9780
March meeting
This was a first of its kind. Sarah tobin, Lexi Avant and Kendra Crosby and Me, Suzanne Butler went to the leader symposium in Columbia. NOW WE know what 4H is about. SO this march meeting was a new format. We had three demonstrations Tina Hale on the english bridle, Sarah tobin The western bridle, AND Brittany Pye on the 4H Pledge. Our President, Kendra Crosby, taught us a lesson out if the SCQHA Youth book. Then we worked on our record books. Next meeting will be March 27th and we will have some record book work sessions during spring break.   
January 2010  also check out our show calendar
Ally wilson 16th b day Jan 1st
Sarah Tobins 15th B day Jan 16th
Meeting Saturday Jan 16th around 12pm
Agenda: election new officers, schedule 2010 meetings, handout horseshow schedule, discuss AND celebrate accomplishments for 2009. make new clubs 1) Shooting club and 2) livestock club
Jan 16th Tall Pines Awards Day
Jan 23 lowcountry livestock fun day in lodge,SC from 12-4pm
Jan 30 leader symposium Columbia, SC
Feb. 6th WWSC Horse show open
Feb 6th Range day in Garnett, SC
Old News DECEMBER 2009
Dec. 18th meeting at LOf at 6pm barn party to follow
New member Allie Craven
Operation Christmas Box was a success 14 boxes filled
Dec. 19 at 8:30am Brotherhood for Christmas wrapping party!
Fundraiser the Grand American in Orangeburg, SC Jan. 8-9 Buy in at Dec 18th meeting
January 30th 4H Leaders Symposium Columbia SC 9:30am - 5pm
elected officers for 2009
President Ally Wilson
Vice Pres. Kendra Crosby
Sec. Tina Hale and Brittany Pye
Treas. Hannah Givens
Community Sarah Tobin
 May 22  2009 meeting
researching some summer community service projects
ideas were sheppards house, animal shelter, adopt a highway
horse clinincs for the public in the summer.
ideas were how to barrel race, how to judge 
dates to be posted.
Final paperworkneed s to be turne in for the youth jamboree.
April  2009 meeting
summer show
Official dates for the show leave the farm at 5am Wed.
June 17 come home Sat. June 21
fund raising Thanks to all who have bought tickets for the grill/smoker raffle. A BIG THANKS to Westurys Ace Hardware, Mr. Richard, for donating the grill/smoker and allowing the girls to sell tickets at the Ace hardware door!
Look for us at ACE HARDWARE'S customer appreciation JUNE 6th!
schedule 4H meetings for the rest of the year
All Meetinga are at 6pm on Friday night.
May 22 is our next meeting
Pony Rides Relay for Life  May 15  2009 Contact Mindy 908-1218  
Grill raffle tickets available contact Audrey Tobin  1 for $2 or 3 for $5
JUNE volenteers needed for customer appreciaition at Westbury's Ace
New members 2009
Brittany Pye
Lexi Avant
Renewed members 2009
Kendra Crosby
Ally Wilson
Tina Hale
Hannah Givens
Brittany Brownlee

join the LOF 4H Club
click on link below to print out a membership form

more info contact

Suzanne Butler  843-909-9780
Use your hobbies
to become a leader!
We are a small army
that moves big mountains!